1. The Battle Against Recycling Contamination is Everyone's Battle

    What is contamination? Simply put, contamination happens when non-recyclable items are mixed in with recyclable items. Two of the most common contaminants are plastic bags and wraps. Read on...
  2. Point Vista Road Reopening

    Point Vista Road will be open today for travel. The speed limit will be 10mph in the construction area of Point Vista Road. Upon removing the top layer of asphalt, the contractor discovered the 4" gas line was closer to the surface than anticipated. Read on...
  3. Waste Management Delay-Bulk Trash Pick-Up

    The following streets still have bulk trash left out: Hickory Creek Rd, Barkley Dr, Red Bluff Dr, Texoma Dr, Eagle Mountain, Country Ln, Hillview. The drivers ran out of time and truck space to finish the bulk. They will be collected ASAP.
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Branding Statement

  1. If you’re a seeker of what’s truly important in life, Hickory Creek, Texas can be found under stands of magnificent trees where the bigness and bustle of big-D-Dallas ends and small-town-friendly, lakeside living begins.  Straddling I-35E, not too far north of Dallas’ major ring roads and suburbs, this town is a jewel in the crown of communities that circle Lewisville Lake.
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