1. Bulk Trash Pick-Up

    Reminder that this Thursday, April 19, is bulk trash pick-up.
  2. Street Sweeping

    Street sweeping will begin Monday, April 16. They will begin on the east side of town and move west. The sweeping is expected to be completed by Wednesday, April 18. Please avoid parking in the street so they can do a thorough job cleaning. Read on...
  3. Updated Hickory Creek Waste Management Website

    This link will take residents to the new custom website for Hickory Creek. Updates on holiday changes, services offered, how to recycle best, and more can be found here. Waste Management Website
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Branding Statement

  1. If you’re a seeker of what’s truly important in life, Hickory Creek, Texas can be found under stands of magnificent trees where the bigness and bustle of big-D-Dallas ends and small-town-friendly, lakeside living begins.  Straddling I-35E, not too far north of Dallas’ major ring roads and suburbs, this town is a jewel in the crown of communities that circle Lewisville Lake.
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