Apr 21, 2014


The Corinth Police Department is holding a 5K run on Saturday, April 26th beginning at 8:30am.  This event will be held at the Lake Dallas High School, 3016 Parkridge Drive in Corinth.  You can register online at www.corinthcpaaa.org/5k_run.  This will be a 5K run/1 mile – $20 for one person, $15 for a child, or $65 for a family of 4.  If you register the day of the run add $5.  You may come costumed as the Best Cop and Criminal (and there will be a prize for the best), or whatever costume strikes your fancy, as there will be prizes for those also.  Come and join the Corinth community in celebrating the fine Corinth Police Officers and get in a little exercise at the same time.

Apr 21, 2014


Once again, it is mosquito season and as much as spring and summer are a wonderful time of year, it is also the time of year for West Nile Virus. While some mosquitos are just a nuisance and do not carry WNV, others do carry WNV.  Since we cannot ask for identification before we swat them, it is just best that we not give mosquitos a place to hang out, and that means eliminating standing water around your house.  Wagons, fountains, bird baths,  shoes left out – you would be surprised what mosquitos  lay eggs in, as it only takes a few inches of water for it to become a mosquito nursery.  For more information, go to DentonCounty.com/WNV or CDC.gov/WestNile .

To help protect yourself against getting bitten, make sure to stay indoors at dusk and dawn, and use an insect repellent that contains DEET, Picaridin, or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus.  Remember to follow label instructions.

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